SystemTools Commander

SystemTools Commander 2.00

SystemTools Commander (SysCmd) is a Windows system administration utility
2.00.1000 (See all)
SystemTools Software Inc

SystemTools Commander (SysCmd) is a Windows system administration utility designed to perform repetitive actions in a Microsoft Windows or Active Directory environment. Many of the standard Windows administration utilities lack any mechanism for performing the same action on multiple computers. When managing Active Directory, performing the same action repeatedly wastes valuable time. While scripting solutions can get around some of these problems, they still take time to learn and troubleshoot problems. SysCmd has a flexible design that allows it to be used in a variety of different ways, depending on how its used within an organization. The primary component in SysCmd is the task, which contains information on the user-defined actions to be performed. Projects can contain multiple tasks that are carried out in a particular sequence. SysCmd uses delimited text-based input files as the source of the data to be processed by any given task, providing for a simple and predictable framework to carry out a nearly unlimited number of batch procedures.

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